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The Owl homepage is:

Owl can be downloaded from the following official mirrors:	(worldwide)
	rsync://	(USA)	(Moscow, Russia)	(Moscow, Russia)	(Czech Republic)	(Greece)	(Australia)

There's a subdirectory for each Owl release or branch, with the following contents:

native.tar.gz		CVS tree (our software, patches, build specs)
sources			source tree (original tarballs to be patched)
Owl.mtree		mtree(8) specification of the above
i686, x86_64, ...	Owl binary packages
iso			ISO-9660 images of Owl CDs (live + installable)
vztemplate		pre-created OpenVZ container templates

Some of the subdirectories may use symlinks to files common to several Owl branches. Thus, to download just one Owl branch you may need to tell your FTP client to dereference symlinks. With lftp (which is a part of Owl), use the "mirror -L" command.

The mtree(8) specifications for Owl releases are PGP signed. The corresponding PGP public key is available from:

All of our official CDs and downloadable ISO images include a complete live system (usable right off the CD), packages to be installed on a hard drive (using the included installer program called "settle"), and full source code ("native" and "sources").

Unless you've opted for the CD or ISO image, you will always need to download the CVS tree - even if you choose to install binary packages only. In order to (re-)build Owl from source, you'll need both the CVS and the source trees.

More documentation (including BUILD and INSTALL) is available in the CVS tree, under Owl/doc/.

In addition to the availability of snapshots of the entire CVS tree on the FTP mirrors listed above, for experienced users there's public read-only access to a copy of our actual CVS repository provided via our anonymous CVS and CVSweb servers. To access the anonymous CVS server via the pserver protocol, set CVSROOT as follows:

alternatively, to access the anonymous CVS server over SSH, use:


The password is "anoncvs" and the module name is "Owl". You may use compression with either method of access to the anonymous CVS server, typically by specifying the -z3 option to CVS and/or "Compression yes" in the SSH client's configuration file.

Finally, the CVSweb interface is provided at:

$Owl: Owl/doc/DOWNLOAD,v 1.59 2018/05/23 19:00:11 solar Exp $