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Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 04:36:49 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: mirror question

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 10:55:52AM +0300, SUBREDU Manuel wrote:


BTW, we really are looking for mirrors in North and South America.

The Canadian mirror we had is temporarily down and will stay so for a
while. :-(

>     My name is Subredu Manuel, and I'm a sysadmin at Romanian Education Network   
>   Iasi Branch. I've searched the site for a howto or some
>   infos of how to become an official mirror to openwall. Could you give some
>   informations on this  issue ?

Here're the mirroring instructions I wrote in another e-mail:

Currently, the known to work way to do Owl mirrors from the primary
feed ( is to use lftp 2.3.8, preferably the Owl
package.  (Later versions of lftp contain a known problem, it's being
dealt with.)

Create a separate pseudo-user to do the mirroring as, let it update
the proper public FTP area, and setup a cron job like this:

05 6 * * *	umask 022 && cd /home/ftp && /usr/bin/lftp -c 'o && mirror pub -v --delete --exclude Owl &' &> /dev/null
15 6 * * *	umask 022 && cd /home/ftp/pub && /usr/bin/lftp -c 'o && mirror Owl -v --delete &' &> /dev/null

Activity will be logged into ~mirror/.lftp/log.  I suggest that you do
nightly updates, trying to ensure it is night time in at least one of
the timezones (of the source or destination).

For ftp server, I recommend vsftpd.  Again, it's preferable that you
use the Owl package of vsftpd.  In fact, if you just install Owl on
the box it'd be perfect.

It is preferable that you use the same directory structure as on the
ftp*.* mirrors, then I will be able to assign such a
name to it as well.  This means that you will need to allocate an
IP address for this mirror if you also host other FTP content.

You may advertise the organization hosting the mirror in the one-line
FTP server's greeting, like this:

220 - hosted by DataForce ISP -

For an official mirror, it's highly desired that the machine doesn't
offer other, potentially dangerous, public services.  (Well, if you
install Owl and use just the services that are a part of Owl, that
would still be fine.)  As an exception, it may host other FTP content.


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