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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 19:56:20 +0200
From: Mickaël Salaün <>
To: Al Viro <>
Cc:, Aleksa Sarai <>,
 Alexei Starovoitov <>,
 Andrew Morton <>, Andy Lutomirski
 <>, Christian Brauner <>,
 Christian Heimes <>,
 Daniel Borkmann <>,
 Deven Bowers <>,
 Dmitry Vyukov <>, Eric Biggers <>,
 Eric Chiang <>, Florian Weimer <>,
 James Morris <>, Jan Kara <>,
 Jann Horn <>, Jonathan Corbet <>,
 Kees Cook <>,
 Lakshmi Ramasubramanian <>,
 Matthew Garrett <>, Matthew Wilcox <>,
 Michael Kerrisk <>,
 Miklos Szeredi <>, Mimi Zohar <>,
 Philippe Trébuchet <>,
 Scott Shell <>,
 Sean Christopherson <>,
 Shuah Khan <>, Steve Dower <>,
 Steve Grubb <>,
 Tetsuo Handa <>,
 Thibaut Sautereau <>,
 Vincent Strubel <>,,,,,
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH v8 0/3] Add support for AT_INTERPRETED (was O_MAYEXEC)

On 09/09/2020 19:13, Al Viro wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 09, 2020 at 09:19:11AM +0200, Mickaël Salaün wrote:
>> On 08/09/2020 20:50, Al Viro wrote:
>>> On Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 09:59:53AM +0200, Mickaël Salaün wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> This height patch series rework the previous O_MAYEXEC series by not
>>>> adding a new flag to openat2(2) but to faccessat2(2) instead.  As
>>>> suggested, this enables to perform the access check on a file descriptor
>>>> instead of on a file path (while opening it).  This may require two
>>>> checks (one on open and then with faccessat2) but it is a more generic
>>>> approach [8].
>>> Again, why is that folded into lookup/open/whatnot, rather than being
>>> an operation applied to a file (e.g. O_PATH one)?
>> I don't understand your question. AT_INTERPRETED can and should be used
>> with AT_EMPTY_PATH. The two checks I wrote about was for IMA.
> Once more, with feeling: don't hide that behind existing syscalls.
> If you want to tell LSM have a look at given fs object in a special
> way, *add* *a* *new* *system* *call* *for* *doing* *just* *that*.

Fine, I'll do it. It will look a lot like this one though.

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