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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 21:30:27 -0400
Cc: Kees Cook <>, Brad Spengler <>,
        PaX Team <>,
        Casey Schaufler <>,
        Rik van Riel <>, Christoph Lameter <>,
        Pekka Enberg <>,
        David Rientjes <>,
        Joonsoo Kim <>,
        Andrew Morton <>
Subject: Re: [RFC][PATCH v2 0/4] mm: Hardened usercopy

On Wed, 08 Jun 2016 14:11:38 -0700, Kees Cook said:
> Hi,
> This is v2 of the RFC patches for a mainline port of PAX_USERCOPY. After
> I started writing tests for Casey's earlier port[1], I kept fixing things
> further and further until I ended up with a whole new patch series. To
> that end, I also took Rik's feedback and made a number of other changes
> and clean-ups, which are noted in the "v2" history at the end.

In the "For what it's worth" category - the 6 patches apply mostly cleanly
to the linux-next tree as of next-20160614 - a bunch of offsets, and one
easily fixed reject against include/linux/slab.h caused by KASAN landing
in linux-next.

And I found a test case - the NVidia driver is, of course, not annotated
for USERCOPY, so this happened:

[   39.184701] usercopy: kernel memory exposure attempt detected from ffff8800bb056fc0 (nvidia_stack_cache) (3 bytes)
[   39.184715] CPU: 2 PID: 1583 Comm: Xorg Tainted: G           O    4.7.0-rc3-next-20160614-dirty #302
[   39.184720] Hardware name: Dell Inc. Latitude E6530/07Y85M, BIOS A17 08/19/2015
[   39.184725]  0000000000000000 00000000422dbb87 ffff8802233cbb28 ffffffffb769f61a
[   39.184736]  ffff8800bb056fc0 00000000422dbb87 0000000000000003 0000000000000001
[   39.184744]  ffff8802233cbb78 ffffffffb7367b30 0000000000000000 ffffea00028e92f0
[   39.184754] Call Trace:
[   39.184766]  [<ffffffffb769f61a>] dump_stack+0x7b/0xd1
[   39.184772]  [<ffffffffb7367b30>] __check_object_size+0x70/0x3d4
[   39.184947]  [<ffffffffc0287098>] os_memcpy_to_user+0x38/0x60 [nvidia]

So I guess you can stick a:

Tested-By: Valdis Kletnieks <>

on that patch set. :)

(Of course, the system only lived for another 4 seconds after that, because the
blocked copy_to_user() caused the module to not initialize properly, and it
quite reasonably crapped all over itself as a result.  And yes, I realize that
*fixing* the module with proper annotations is a problem for me and the NVidia
engineering team...  :)

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