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Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2023 11:00:53 +0200
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: "No hashes found" when argon2id is present?


As a moderator, I reluctantly accepted the below obviously LLM-generated
posting just to illustrate problems with LLM-generated answers in this
context.  However, please don't post more LLM-generated answers in here.

On Sat, Jun 03, 2023 at 01:29:10PM +0530, Aben Sojan wrote:
> As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, John the Ripper did not have
> built-in support for the argon2id hashing algorithm. However, it's possible
> that there have been updates or third-party patches since then that add
> support for argon2id hashes.
> To address the issue, you can try the following steps:
> 1. Ensure you have the latest version of John the Ripper installed. Check
> the official website or relevant forums for any updates or patches that may
> have added support for argon2id.
> 2. Look for community-developed patches or extensions that add argon2id
> support to John the Ripper. These can often be found on forums, GitHub
> repositories, or other community-driven platforms. Search for "argon2id
> patch for John the Ripper" or similar keywords to find relevant resources.

I have no knowledge cut-off date, and to my knowledge no such updates
nor patches currently exist.

> 3. If you're unable to find a patch or extension for John the Ripper,
> consider using other password cracking tools that do support argon2id. For
> example, hashcat is another popular password cracking tool that does
> support argon2id. You can explore its documentation and resources for
> guidance on how to crack argon2id hashes using hashcat.

That's the LLM's "wishful thinking" - likely soon to be true, but to my
knowledge not yet true.  It is a problem that LLMs state guesses as if
they were facts, and a reason to avoid sharing LLM-generated answers
without verification nor a warning.

hashcat's Argon2 support request is being tracked here:

> Remember that password cracking should only be done for legitimate purposes
> and with proper authorization. Ensure that you have the necessary
> permissions and legal rights before attempting any password cracking
> activities.



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