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Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2023 18:43:10 -0300
From: Rodrigo s <>
Subject: Re: John the Ripper in the cloud update 2023/02

hi. I am really a noob in aws. I loved this idea and try to run it.

I configure it with the default configuration and when I will run, I get
this error:

You have requested more vCPU capacity than your current vCPU limit of 0
allows for the instance bucket that the specified instance type belongs to.
Please visit to request an
adjustment to this limit.

So... What do I do with this? I read this link
<> but I
have no idea if it will work or not. Is it just me or everyone is having
this problem?

Em qua., 1 de mar. de 2023 às 21:05, Solar Designer <>

> Hi,
> As many of you recall, in 2020 we launched Openwall Password Recovery
> and Password Security Auditing Bundle in AWS Marketplace:
> We provide a pre-generated Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which lets you
> start password recovery or a password security audit in minutes (if
> you've used Amazon Web Services before, or you need to sign up first).
> We've just updated the Bundle to use the latest John the Ripper jumbo
> as of 2023/02/22, which (compared to the version we had in the Bundle
> before) adds duplicate candidate password suppressor, new optimized
> default wordlist and rules, more rulesets, detailed status, new formats
> BestCryptVE4, Bitcoin-opencl, cardano, cryptosafe[-opencl],
> ENCDataVault-MD5, ENCDataVault-PBKDF2, NT-long, restic, RVARY, optimized
> descrypt and tezos-opencl, support for a wider variety of versions of
> previously supported formats (for 7z, Monero, Telegram, ZIP, and more),
> many reliability fixes and other changes.  We've also enabled LM-opencl.
> Also updated are Amazon Linux 2 and NVIDIA GPU driver.
> Along with the above, we've enabled usage of the Bundle on many new AWS
> instance types: g4dn.* (which offer the smaller NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs,
> often at a better price/performance ratio than the V100's in our
> previously supported p3.* instances), p4d.24xlarge (which offers 8x
> NVIDIA A100 GPUs), and 6th generation Compute and Memory optimized Intel
> and AMD CPU instances (which offer higher maximum vCPU counts than 5th
> generation did, now up to 128 for Intel and 192 for AMD).
> Included on the Bundle homepage above are our latest benchmarks on
> p3.2xlarge (NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU), c6i.32xlarge (2x Intel(R) Xeon(R)
> Platinum 8375C CPU, AVX-512), and c6a.48xlarge (2x AMD EPYC 7R13
> Processor, AVX2).
> In terms of historical CPU speed milestones, both of these CPU instances
> are now firmly above 1 billion c/s at traditional Unix crypt(3) (aka
> descrypt) when cracking many salts, are at around 10 million c/s for
> md5crypt, and the AMD instance achieves 181k c/s at bcrypt cost 5.
> We've also updated the (spot) instance launch instructions to reflect
> changes in AWS EC2 Management Console, and made the Bundle itself
> hopefully more spot instance friendly:  "Delete on termination" for the
> root volume is now disabled in the AMI (as the Console appears to no
> longer expose this option during instance launch), and the Bundle will
> automatically resume an unfinished John the Ripper job (which it does by
> issuing the "john --restore" command under "screen").
> Any feedback and ideas are welcome on the john-users mailing list.
> Alexander

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