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Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020 20:26:11 +0100
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: Rules characters unicode support.

On Tue, Nov 03, 2020 at 08:16:42PM +0100, Solar Designer wrote:
> /e Dp Ap"é"
> This is three commands: search for one character, delete the found
> character, insert a possibly multi-character string (in our case, just
> a multi-byte character) in the former character's place.
> You can also specify the multi-byte character via its hex codes, which
> makes the .conf file format character set agnostic (so you can have any
> character set active in your text editor, and it won't matter):
> /e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9"
> However, the rules are indeed not character set agnostic - as written
> above, the rule produces UTF-8.
> A difference from the "s" command is that the above rule will find and
> replace only the first match, whereas "s" would find and replace all.
> You can reduce this difference by writing multiple rules like this:
> /e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9"
> /e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9" /e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9"
> /e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9" /e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9" /e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9"
> You can also choose which instances of the character you replace, e.g.
> to replace only the second:
> %2e Dp Ap"\xc3\xa9"

You can also micro-optimize these, e.g.:

/e op\xa9 ip\xc3
%2e op\xa9 ip\xc3

This is overstrike and insert, which is quicker than delete and insert
(since deleting involves shifting the rest of the string to the left).

François, would you possibly create a reusable ruleset implementing
these various substitutes and submit it via a GitHub pull request for
inclusion in jumbo's default john.conf?  Also have it .include'ed from
[List.Rules:Jumbo].  Thanks!


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