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Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2017 23:06:58 +0200
From: Luis Rocha <>
Subject: JtR job with Tesla K80 Nvidia cards not showing status of all devices


Trying last JtR version from git with couple of Tesla K80 Nvidia cards and
for some unknown reason to me, when I try to check the status of the job ,
it only prints the status of 1 device where I think it should print the
status of all the devices, right? Is this a cosmetic issue or something

$ ./john --list=opencl-devices
Platform #0 name: NVIDIA CUDA, version: OpenCL 1.2 CUDA 9.0.130
    Device #0 (0) name:     Tesla K80
    Device vendor:          NVIDIA Corporation
    Device type:            GPU (LE)
    Device version:         OpenCL 1.2 CUDA
    Driver version:         384.59 [recommended]
    Native vector widths:   char 1, short 1, int 1, long 1
    Preferred vector width: char 1, short 1, int 1, long 1
    Global Memory:          11.0 GB (ECC)
    Global Memory Cache:    208.2 KB
    Local Memory:           48.0 KB (Local)
    Max memory alloc. size: 2.0 GB
    Max clock (MHz):        823
    Profiling timer res.:   1000 ns
    Max Work Group Size:    1024
    Parallel compute cores: 13
    CUDA cores:             2496  (13 x 192)
    Speed index:            2054208
    Warp size:              32
    Max. GPRs/work-group:   65536
    Compute capability:     3.7 (sm_37)
    Kernel exec. timeout:   no
    PCI device topology:    00:02.7

$ ./john /tmp/hash --format=salted-sha1-opencl --fork=2
Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (salted-sha1-opencl [SHA1 OpenCL])
Node numbers 1-2 of 2 (fork)
Device 0: Tesla K80
Device 1: Tesla K80
Build log:
ptxas info    : 0 bytes gmem
ptxas info    : Compiling entry function 'sha1' for 'sm_37'
ptxas info    : Function properties for sha1
ptxas         .     64 bytes stack frame, 0 bytes spill stores, 0 bytes
spill loads
ptxas info    : Used 32 registers, 16388 bytes smem, 408 bytes cmem[0]

Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
1 0g 0:00:00:03  3/3 0g/s 5369Kp/s 5369Kc/s 5369KC/s 2sk_l..civam14
GPU 0 probably invalid temp reading (-1°C).
1 0g 0:00:00:33  3/3 0g/s 35367Kp/s 35367Kc/s 35367KC/s 6g4z1l..vltxee
1 0g 0:00:00:54  3/3 0g/s 36659Kp/s 36659Kc/s 36659KC/s icddr63..itpbb1e
1 0g 0:00:01:42  3/3 0g/s 38119Kp/s 38119Kc/s 38119KC/s rummbi7..rtbasaw

Thank you,

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