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Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 18:48:10 +0100
From: Jean-Michel PICOD <>
Subject: Re: John as a wordlist creator

In fact, it is so easy to implement the feature you are looking for that it
is already in john !

$ ./john -w:wordlist --rules --stdout > wordlist2.txt

And even better with -jumbo versions, you could use multiple rulesets:
$ ./john -w:wordlist --rules=rules1 --stdout > wordlist2.txt
$ ./john -w:wordlist --rules=rules2 --stdout >> wordlist2.txt


2011/12/31 Alex Sicamiotis <>

> I downloaded some extra rules that I merged in john.conf, and while they
> increased the cracking efficiency,
> a) they were very time consuming (it's to be expected)
> b) they had significant overlap due to mangled worlds appearing the same
> for example
> guesses: 2  time: 0:00:21:43 7%  c/s: 7991K  trying: Alex2194 - Alekshs2
> guesses: 2  time: 0:00:22:48 7%  c/s: 8006K  trying: Giannis2 - Giannhs2
> guesses: 2  time: 0:00:23:17 7%  c/s: 8008K  trying: Alex2521 - Alekshs2
> Alekshs2 appeared a few hundred times, and that means it has been tried a
> few million times :P
> So that wastes CPU time in DES-cracking... and I was thinking, what if I
> JtR could be run with something like
> ./john -w:wordlist.txt -rules -create_wordlist:wordlist2.txt
> in which, "-create_wordlist" would essentially be a new wordlist,
> consisting of the given worldlist + rules.
> Then a sort/uniq is in order to eliminate duplicates. Ideally this could
> be done by JtR.
> Theoretically, such a feature shouldn't be hard to implement and I can
> imagine a few cases where it might be useful:
> A) Too many rules / too many duplicate words from mangling efforts
> B) Creating a wordlist so that it can feed a GPU (from what I've read, the
> GPU is best at processing, rather than generating words)
> C) For slow hashes like Blowfish, the sharing of workload could be easier
> by assigning parts of the wordlist to, say, 100 people. This would require
> something like
> 1) ./john -w:wordlist.txt -rules -create_wordlist:wordlist2.txt
> 2) sort + uniq on wordlist2.txt
> 3) a wordlist division tool that will divide the end wordlist to N members
> (or N threads on a cluster?)

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