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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 22:47:52 +0200 (CEST)
From: "" <>
To:  <>
Subject: R: Re: tags in mail subject on the lists (was: I:
 failed installation of john 1.7.8)

sorry once again for creating such a mess, i didnt even read answers from mr 
alexander as i dont want to have anything to do with arrogance
in fact i could say that many inexplicable things happened when i tried to use 
jtr (even in my deep ignorance, i followed at my best guides help man and so 
on: and no one having anything to do with the stupid critics reported by mr, 
alexander... the solar dont even remember what), and i could have reported them 
for possible everyones interest - and btw i use to contribute with donations to 
an open source project i use. but my intentions on using jtr are gone therefore 
i'm erasing my subscription to this mailing list
as a lamer i cannot follow you, nor could i imagine the intentions of the 
maintainers of the mailing list; once again i apologize for creating such a 
mess - though, let me tell you that this mailing list's attitude has nothing to 
do with the spirit of an open community
bye pepa

>----Messaggio originale----
>Data: 08/09/2011 19.33
>A: <>
>Ogg: Re: [john-users] tags in mail subject on the lists (was: I: failed 
installation of john 1.7.8)
>Alexander, Jim, magnum, all -
>On Thu, Sep 08, 2011 at 07:04:52AM +0400, Solar Designer wrote:
>> That's not what I wanted to communicate to you.  But indeed you're free
>> to leave if you like.  One of the very reasons why I decided that it was
>> time to end the Unix 101 discussion was that it'd cause others to leave -
>> people who are in here for John the Ripper focused topics.
>> For john-users, we have to strike a balance between helping everyone and
>> keeping discussions on-topic and desirable for other list members.  I felt
>> that this discussion thread was about to cross that boundary, becoming
>> too off-topic.
>I would like to propose to use tags in subjects of mails on the
>mailing lists to provide users with ability to filter unwanted topics
>It seems to be on client side however I could imagine mailing list
>server that supports filtering set for each user. (Maybe with some tags
>filtered out by default.)
>I saw some topics that are not widely desired but is important. For
>instance on john-users there are unix 101 topics, history topic ("When
>did you start?", I found it being very interesting for me) and on john-dev
>there are gui development topics, status reports, and there could be
>conversations between magnum and Jim but sadly they do not post it to
>not flood while personally I would like to read such development talks
>to learn more (maybe I am too lazy to read other source of knowledge).
>Sometimes I would like to talk exactly with this community about
>something helpful but not tightly related to list's intention just
>because I like who and how talks here. I saw other ways (irc, jabber,
>private mails) to talk with interesting users of the lists but talks
>on the lists have some benefits.
>Of course there are some other side effects that are not so good. So
>tags are not a totally good solution. What do you think?
>Aleksey Cherepanov

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