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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 13:36:29 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: Os X Lion and error in multicore compilation


 I have upgraded my OS x Snow Leopard to Lion (10.7)

 I can compile JTR 1.7.8 jumbo 2 (mode single core), all is OK
 Now, I want compile JTR with multicore capabilities.
 I have removed "#" in the "make" file (in the src folder), then tried 
to compiling.

 I get these errors :

iMac-de-xxx-xx:src xxxxxx$ make clean macosx-x86-64
rm -f ../run/john ../run/unshadow ../run/unafs ../run/unique 
../run/undrop ../run/ssh2john ../run/pdf2john ../run/rar2john 
../run/zip2john ../run/genmkvpwd ../run/mkvcalcproba ../run/calc_stat 
../run/tgtsnarf ../run/john.bin ../run/ ../run/ 
../run/ ../run/ ../run/ 
../run/ ../run/ ../run/ 
../run/zip2john ../run/john.exe ../run/unshadow.exe ../run/unafs.exe 
../run/unique.exe ../run/undrop.exe ../run/ssh2john.exe 
../run/pdf2john.exe ../run/rar2john.exe ../run/zip2john.exe 
../run/genmkvpwd.exe ../run/mkvcalcproba.exe ../run/calc_stat.exe 
../run/john-mingw.exe ../run/unshadow.exe ../run/unafs.exe 
../run/unique.exe ../run/undrop.exe ../run/ssh2john.exe 
../run/pdf2john.exe ../run/rar2john.exe ../run/zip2john.exe 
../run/genmkvpwd.exe ../run/mkvcalcproba.exe ../run/calc_stat.exe
rm -f ../run/john.exe john-macosx-* *.o *.bak core
rm -f detect bench generic.h arch.h tmp.s
cp /dev/null Makefile.dep
ln -f -s x86-64.h arch.h
make ../run/john ../run/unshadow ../run/unafs ../run/unique 
../run/undrop ../run/ssh2john ../run/pdf2john ../run/rar2john 
../run/zip2john ../run/genmkvpwd ../run/mkvcalcproba ../run/calc_stat 
../run/tgtsnarf \
		JOHN_OBJS="john-mpi.o DES_fmt.o DES_std.o DES_bs.o DES_bs_b.o 
BSDI_fmt.o MD5_fmt.o MD5_std.o BF_fmt.o BF_std.o AFS_fmt.o LM_fmt.o 
NT_fmt.o XSHA_fmt.o BFEgg_fmt.o DOMINOSEC_fmt.o timer.o lotus5_fmt.o 
oracle_fmt.o oracle11_fmt.o MYSQL_fmt.o mysqlSHA1_fmt.o KRB4_fmt.o 
KRB4_std.o KRB5_fmt.o KRB5_std.o mskrb5_fmt.o md5_go.o rawMD5go_fmt.o 
md5_eq.o rawMD5unicode_fmt.o PO_fmt.o md5.o hmacmd5.o hmacMD5_fmt.o 
IPB2_fmt.o rawSHA1_fmt.o sha1_gen_fmt.o rawMD4_fmt.o md4_gen_fmt.o 
NSLDAP_fmt.o NSLDAPS_fmt.o OPENLDAPS_fmt.o salted_sha1_fmt.o base64.o 
md4.o mscash_fmt.o mscash2_fmt.o NETLM_fmt.o NETNTLM_fmt.o 
NETLMv2_fmt.o NETNTLMv2_fmt.o NETHALFLM_fmt.o mediawiki_fmt.o 
MSCHAPv2_fmt.o mssql_fmt.o mssql05_fmt.o EPI_fmt.o PHPS_fmt.o 
MYSQL_fast_fmt.o pixMD5_fmt.o sapG_fmt.o sapB_fmt.o NS_fmt.o HDAA_fmt.o 
phpassMD5_fmt.o md5_gen_fmt.o md5_gen_parser.o md5_gen_preloads.o 
md5_gen_utils.o DMD5_fmt.o hmailserver_fmt.o SybaseASE_fmt.o SKEY_fmt.o 
ssh_fmt.o ssh2john.o pdf_fmt.o pdf2john.o pdfcrack_common.o 
pdfcrack_md5.o pdfparser.o pdfcrack.o pdfcrack_rc4.o rar_fmt.o 
rar2john.o zip_fmt.o zip2john.o gladman_hmac.o gladman_pwd2key.o 
dummy.o batch.o bench.o charset.o common.o compiler.o config.o 
cracker.o crc32.o external.o formats.o getopt.o idle.o inc.o john.o 
list.o loader.o logger.o math.o memory.o misc.o options.o params.o 
path.o recovery.o rpp.o rules.o signals.o single.o status.o tty.o 
wordlist.o mkv.o mkvlib.o unicode.o unshadow.o unafs.o undrop.o 
unique.o x86-64.o sse-intrinsics.o" \
		CFLAGS="-c -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -I/usr/local/include  -m64" 
		LDFLAGS="-s -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/ssl/lib -lcrypto -lssl -lm  
-fomit-frame-pointer -I/usr/local/include  -m64 -funroll-loops 
make[1]: mpicc: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [john-mpi.o] Error 1
make: *** [macosx-x86-64] Error 2
iMac-de-xxx-xx:src xxxxxx$

 Of course Developpers tools 4 are installed.

 Is the problem come from source, need to be updated or Lion ?
mpicc: <-- seems missing .



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