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Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:58:29 +0100
From: Chris Coulson <>
Subject: CVE-2017-9445: Out-of-bounds write in systemd-resolved with crafted
 TCP payload


I recently discovered an out-of-bounds write in systemd-resolved in
Ubuntu, which is possible to trigger with a specially crafted TCP payload.

Details from the Ubuntu bug follow:

Certain sizes passed to dns_packet_new can cause it to allocate a buffer
that's too small. A page-aligned number - sizeof(DnsPacket) +
sizeof(iphdr) + sizeof(udphdr) will do this - so, on x86 this will be a
page-aligned number - 80. Eg, calling dns_packet_new with a size of 4016
on x86 will result in an allocation of 4096 bytes, but 108 bytes of this
are for the DnsPacket struct.

A malicious DNS server can exploit this by responding with a specially
crafted TCP payload to trick systemd-resolved in to allocating a buffer
that's too small, and subsequently write arbitrary data beyond the end
of it.

I believe this was introduced by
(v223) and affects all subsequent versions up to and including v233.

A patch to resolve this has been provided by Zbigniew
Jędrzejewski-Szmek, along with an additional patch to implement a test.
Both of these are attached.

Many thanks,

View attachment "0001-test-resolved-packet-add-a-simple-test-for-our-alloc.patch" of type "text/x-patch" (3748 bytes)

View attachment "0002-resolved-simplify-alloc-size-calculation.patch" of type "text/x-patch" (1828 bytes)

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