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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 10:48:49 +0100
From: Tomas Hoger <>
Cc:, Ludwig Nussel <>,
        Petr Baudis <>
Subject: Re: Suid mount helpers fail to anticipate

On Mon, 14 Mar 2011 12:31:18 -0400 Dan Rosenberg wrote:

> I've done some further investigation, and have found one of the
> underlying problems.  addmntent() will return 0 (success) even if the
> write was truncated:
>   return (fprintf (stream, "%s %s %s %s %d %d\n",
>                    mntcopy.mnt_fsname,
>                    mntcopy.mnt_dir,
>                    mntcopy.mnt_type,
>                    mntcopy.mnt_opts,
>                    mntcopy.mnt_freq,
>                    mntcopy.mnt_passno)
>           < 0 ? 1 : 0);

I must admit that I fail to see an obvious issue here.  This should do
the right thing assuming fprintf returns what you expect (which does
not seem to happen due to stdio buffering).

> Of course, this only matters if the process is catching the SIGXFSZ
> that gets thrown if the resource limit is exceeded, but nearly all
> suid mount helpers block or ignore signals (if they don't, that's an
> additional problem, because the process could be terminated mid-write,
> corrupting /etc/mtab or leaving a stale lockfile, for example).
> So, I think the first step is to patch glibc to return success in
> these functions if and only if the *full* contents have been written.
> Then, it will be possible to have proper error handling in these
> helper utilities.  Currently, there's really no way for these programs
> to know whether or not their calls to addmntent() actually succeeded
> besides installing a special signal handler for SIGXFSZ (ugly).

Do you have any specific idea for the fix?  It seems following approach
may work:

  if (fprintf (stream, "%s %s %s %s %d %d\n", ...) < 0)
    return 1;

  return (fflush(stream) == 0 ? 0 : 1);

Detecting this error in endmntent() seems more problematic API-wise,
given that endmntent() currently "always returns 1".

Do you plan to open bug in glibc bugzilla for this issue?

Tomas Hoger / Red Hat Security Response Team

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